Emergency Survival Binder, What Do I need?

Why Do I  Need an Emergency Binder ?

Take our Family Preparedness Questionnaire to see how well you are already prepared.

These are all questions we ask ourselves and have decided it is better to be prepared than not.

What goes in a emergency binder?

What kind of a binder?

Sale Price:$24.99
Product Summary:The D185 has a 4 inch D ring with 5 tab file folder for all your orginaztion needs. The gusseted zipper allows you to access the file folders with out opening the whole binder. The unique angles zipper allows for easy writing. Handle and shoulder strap for carrying are included.

A binder is where you store your important papers, when in the event of an emergency, you can grab your binder and go.  We recommend a 3 ring zipper binder so nothing can fall out. 

Store your binder in a fireproof/waterproof box that is small enough to be transported with you in an emergency. Placed along side your 72 hour kit.

 Building your Emergency Binder

We came up with the following checklist that covers the most common important papers you may need if there is an emergency.  Adjust our checklist to fit the needs of your family.

Remember to keep your emergency binder along side your 72 hour kit.

 Binder Checklist

Birth certificates


Social security cards

Copies of your credit cards front and back

Homeowners/Renters insurance policy

Auto insurance policy

Life insurance policy

Bank statements

Retirement statements/401K

Internet passwords (banking, personal, work etc)

Immunization records for children

CASH – keep small bills on hand as there may not be computers to use credit cards

You should have your evacuation plans written down and memorized.

You also need to practice with your family just like you would for a Fire Drill.

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